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Stork maintains, modifies and assures the integrity of production workshops in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, chemicals and processing, metals and mining, food and pharmaceuticals, power, and manufacturing. Stork is part of Fluor Corporation, a global engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and maintenance company that designs and builds capital-efficient facilities. Stork assists clients by providing a life cycle asset solution which is innovative, cost-competitive and always respects
the key values of safety, integrity, teamwork, client focus and excellence.

Stork’s division Power Services delivers integrated operating and maintenance solutions for the entire power train. We use our extensive knowledge of process, rotating and electrical equipment to drive integrated and creative solutions. This reduces the cost of ownership stimulates ongoing improvements in technology and maintenance management. Which ensures EBIT optimization and reliable returns.


  •  Stork Power Services can optimize plant performance and reduce costs
  •  Our focus on customer priorities
  • We are a one-stop supplier of all operating, maintenance and modification requirements
  •  Manufacturing and repair with a very short lead time
  •  Modification and reverse-engineering of spare-parts and complete machines
  •  Access to state-of-the-art engineering solutions
  •  More than 80-year experience as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of products and components
  •  Fully certified according to global standards (ISO, VCA and more)


Scope of Products

  • Gearboxes: Stork can supply new gearboxes for many brands such as (Stork, Rademakers, Bravo, Kuypers and Conrad) and spare parts.
  • Pumps: Stork can supply new pumps types )Axial Flow, Concrete volute ,between bearing and Vertical suspended; the pumps are as per API: OH2,OH3,OH5, BB2 & BB3 along with pumps spare parts.
  • Gas Turbine spare parts: Stork can supply several types of spare parts for Gas Turbine such as (all types of blades, Compressor diaphragms, Nozzles, assembly parts, heat shields, spacers, buckets of turbines Accessories for all turbines (Shims, keys, screw, washers and bearing)).
  • Steam Turbine spare parts: Several types of steam turbine spare parts can be supplied by stork such as (all types of blades, complete rotors, Valve spindles, Rotors, casing, shafts, diaphragms, Nozzles, seals gland housings and gears) .
  • Compressors spare parts: Stork can supply different types of compressor spare parts such as Complete Rotors, Diaphragms, Compressor Control systems and Compressors Blades.
  • Generators spare Parts: there are many generator’s spare parts can be supplied by stork such as (Sleeve bearings, roller bearings, retaining rings, H2 seal rings, coupling bolts, rotor fan blades, stator- and rotor slot wedges, collectors, rectifiers, bushings, wipers, also Coil and bar fabrication and Commutators and slip rings).
  • Electric Motors spare parts: Stork can supply Motors spare parts such as (Coils, Sleeve bearings and roller bearings, Coolers, Fans, Collectors and slip rings and Couplings) .
  • Burners: Deferent types of burners can be supplied by stork such as (Double Register Burner, Stork Low-NOx burner, Inline grid burners (HRSG), Impulse Ultra-Low-NOx burners and Circular duct burners (HRSG)) and spare parts
  • Boilers and Hybrid Boilers with spare parts: Stork can supply customized boiler for industry and boiler projects on renewables along with Boilers spare parts such as (Membrane wall, Headers & Super headers, Economizers and Evaporators).