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Rotary Equipment Seminar

Babel Company hosted a seminar, specialized in Rotary Equipment, held in Jordan for the period from 24 to 28 of June 2018.
The seminar was attended by the following Iraqi Oil and Gas Companies:

  • Midland Refineries Company (MRC)
  • South Refineries Company (SRC)
  • Basrah Oil Company (BOC)
  • Basrah Gas Company (BGC)

Also from Jordan:

  • Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company (JPRC)
  • Central Electricity Generating Company (CEGCO)

And was attended by the below manufacturers:

  • Burckhardt Compression AG - Switzerland
  • Fluiten SpA - Italy
  • Prognost System GmbH - Germany
  • SKF - Sweden
  • Johnson Controls - USA
  • Sundyne Pumps - France

    Activities took place in Landmark Amman Hotel & Conference Center and have included many technical discussions and exchange of information and updates between clients and manufacturers. Common operational issued and their solutions were also made.