Babel Company for Energy Equipment and trading agencies, with head offices in Amman / Jordan and branch offices in Basra, Baghdad, Kirkuk and Erbil (present Oil Operations Geographic Centers in Iraq). Our Company offering our services to Iraq market in particular to the Oil & Gas Sector.
Our Company presently representing well known manufacturers and suppliers of equipments to the oil and gas, and petrochemical industries, and also infrastructure materials such as line pipe, fitting and connections.

Our Company  been operating in Iraq for more than 15 years either part of business group or partners or private independent company as we are now. Most of our business is with the Iraq Oil Industry, we have supplied engineering services and equipment for the upstream companies and most of all the downstream companies, mainly refineries and Gas Processing Plants.

Our Mission

  • Bring the new technologies to our customers.
  • Aiming to increase our scope of supply to cover all customers needs
  • Build tight bonds with our customers by provide them 1st class products.
  • Eliminate supplying fake products and provide the needed support to the clients.
  • Long term relationship is our intention.
  • Make our customers fully satisfied about provided products and services.
  • Providing Efficient and high quality products within customers budgets.
  • Providing the needed technical support within the needed time.

Our Vision

  • We are intended to creating a global leading company built based on an unequaled business culture that brings success to our customers.
  • This based on impartiality, respect, and candor, along with a deep undertaking excellence to our customers as our foundation and to provide world-class products.

Our Values

We have enrolled with Trace International Organization specialized to provide due diligence on business activities and ensuring that they are with in approved limits of transparency and anti-bribery.

Good Logistical preparations
As we have been able to seize each supply project to mark good forwarding agencies and selecting short and safe shipping routes.

Good Presence
We have been able to create a network of representation offices in Basrah, Baghdad, Kirkuk and Erbil. This have ensured being close to our clients and to provide swift responses to clients’ local and urgent requirements. Commitment to provide after sales support and technical updates.

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