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Happy New Year!


Babel celebrates the new year and wishes that it may be full of great accomplishments, and may the upcoming year be full of new achievements that will bring you a huge success.

Happy New Year.

Covid-19 Health Policy


Babel Company has adopted a new health policy to keep its family safe, and to allow smooth business transactions unhinged by the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

This policy intends to help reduce any chances of being affected by the Virus and to inform and create a consensus around the office.
We hope that you remain safe and be well informed, and to check out the World Health Organization's instructions and information.

Expansion of the Babel Family


Babel Company is proud of its team, and despite the on-going pandemic, it is always looking to expand it's work-force and elevate to higher standards that our customers can be proud of.

That's why Babel Company has welcomed new Employees to its family, becoming a total of twelve employees; seven in Jordan, three in Iraq and three part-timers within Jordan and Canada.

Babel Company welcomes them with open arms, and hopes for successful years to come.

Achievements of April


Babel would like to announce that we have succeeded with two purchase orders during April and within the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, as below:

This feat of an achievement is the type of professionalism expected in Babel Company, and it was done with the help of Babel's Stay-At-Home team and their strong will to bring results.

Safety Measures of 2020


Due to the unexpected pandemic that are occurring, Babel is working around the clock to deliver the best quality possible to our costumers, and it has taken a safety measure to ensure the health of its employees and decided to begin a work from home policy until further notice.

Babel wishes the best of health to everyone and recommends to follow the World Health Organization's advice to the public's health.

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